-Menno Zijlstra

"The aim is to create
a warm blanked of sound"

At Menno Sound Studio we specialise in designing custom music studios. We believe that everyone should be able to have their own music studio so we tailor to the needs and budget of our customers. Because every project is special and has to be treated in that way, we give custom advice and we even have a range of custom made products. We also believe that building a music studio is definitely something you can do by yourself. However, for those who think they need help or just want to give it out of hand we do offer different services to make things easier for you. It is up to you and your requirements! 

Studio Design

Once you’ve decided to set up a studio, the fun part starts! The designated space has to become a professional studio, including the right equipment, acoustics and workstation. How are you going to set this up? With Menno Sound Studio, of course! Let us give you a short impression of our project characteristics.

Studio design 1 – Advice and design plan

Includes: measurement, site visits, installation plans, building instructions for those who will build the project. Budget range for a one-room project: from € 1.000,- to € 5.000,-*.

Studio design 2 – Turnkey acoustic project

Includes: measurement, site visits, installation plans, installation of the panels.

Budget range for a one-room project: from € 5.000,- to € 15.000,-*.

Studio design 3 – Turnkey acoustic and insulation project

Includes: measurement, site visits, installation plans, box-in-box construction, acoustic doors, insulation, ventilation, electricity.

Budget range for a one-room project: from € 25.000,- to € 50.000,-*.

* The prices quoted for offered services and products are always in euros, excluding VAT and excluding fees for shipping and handling, other taxes or levies, unless noted otherwise or agreed upon in writing. They are also subject to change if one or more elements which determine the price are altered.

Due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war between Russia and Ukraine the above prices are estimates. There already was a major shortage of raw materials in the world and we can’t predict where the far-reaching sanctions against Russia will lead when it comes to gas prices, raw materials and products. This all makes it a very uncertain situation which will lead to more price fluctuations and/or energy surcharges and delivery problems in the coming months and as a result we can no longer guarantee price stability on our quotations/prices. We will continue to make every effort to make the price cost estimate with the most accurate prices. We hope for your understanding.

Other Services

Where designing music studios is our main focus we do also offer other services. Just want to have a basic acoustic measurement of your space? Maybe you want us to complete your acoustic project management? Or do you have a great system, but does it sound horrible? No worries, we got you! Just click on one of the services below for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with all your questions!