Not there yet, but we almost have a solution for those annoying frequencies in the corners of the room. By using these basstraps those frequencies can be absorbed. And if you move out of your current space and find yourself with the same problems again, you can just take the basstraps along with you. They are made to be reused. Speaking of reusing; the filling of the basstraps is made from recycled materials. At Menno Sound Studio we love eco-friendliness, so we try to use materials that can be reused or recycled in the future, or are already part of a circular cycle. You buy the basstrap as a standard package to assemble yourself, but we imagine you also want to be more precise to tackle the specific problems of your room. Send us the measurements and we will advise you. Or – because perfection is never overrated – let us come and measure exactly how the front plates and composition will fit.

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